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International Average Adjuster

We understand the interests of the representing client in the area of damage settlement in the United States as well as abroad all over the world.

Through our partnerships in Germany; Belgium, China and Africa , with whom we cooperate permanently with native and English / German speaking staff , complemented by a worldwide network of certified experts , we are responsible for efficiently and competently represent their interests in the situation.

Your contact is at our headquarters in Houston, Texas who receives your wishes and the visit / investigation / consultancy coordinated locally and accompanied knowledgeable.

The report you will be written in English or in other language, if desired.

In case of major damage, we travel course in consultation with our clients with our own personnel on site.

The topics include:

Goods damage surveys

Determine the extent of damage on the nature, extent and cause with appropriate evidential documentation (samples, photos, etc.). Introduction of mitigating measures if necessary and possible

Causation finding

Plausible Explain the cause of damage. The cause finding is important for the client with respect to the assessment of its coverage obligation and the enforcement of subrogation against the responsible party. Furthermore, suggestions / recommendations can be derived from the findings

Damage assessment

Determination of monetary damages, for these they are depending on the damage and type of goods different procedures. Thus, the amount of loss can be tuned set with a joint survey by negotiation with all necessary parties or through reduction in value, by distressed, estimate audit (repair). Indispensable is a neutral, plausible and transparent calculation in each case. Distress sales / salvage take place after bid / tender. Therefore, we keep a product specific contacts with relevant acquirers to the best possible results guaranteed.

Claims settlement

We assume in the tradition of the surveyor / adjuster, the complete expert and administrative aspects of transport damage. We provide a legally binding letter of liability to the responsible party, strive to provide the documents (eg police report / invoice / freight document) and arrange a visit adversarial. After consultation with the client, we derive a damage- reducing measures or cause the salvage sale or total loss the proper disposal through. About the whole process, the customer receives a structured and transparent report.