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Quality is Our Main Objective

To achieve customer satisfaction, the quality of our surveys and reports has first priority. Reliable, fair and error free products are our ultimate goal and take precedence over other related considerations.

Jaeckel, Mund + Bruns LLC attaches great importance to the achievement of the quality of their products and services. The customers' importance must be equaled by our objective to remain impartial and dedicated to the achievement of a fair and mutually acceptable product for all parties concerned.

The longstanding principles by the two predecessor organizations have now become a primary performance requirement for those individuals (Management & Inspectors) we choose to entrust with the handling of our inspection related activities.

This quality to the customer can economically be achieved when internal performance with all the involved functional areas of their responsibilities under the principles of full and best fulfillment of the requirements in each stage of conceptual design, development, planning, consulting, purchasing, transportation , business administration, shipping and delivery. Each individual contributes responsibility for quality.

To meet the constantly increasing quality requirements of our customers, Jaeckel Mund + Bruns LLC is ensured by the use of modern technology so that our customers normally receive error free products that are better than the competition.

Constantly Striving For Improvements Must Be Part of Our Daily Work

The quality of our products and continuous development of cost value analysis is considered essential to ensure the success of the company to maintain our market position and expand further.

Loss Prevention Rather Than Troubleshooting

The concept of quality assurance is designed to put the emphasis on loss prevention. This is to ensure every employee is obliged to purpose a remedy to the defect and to further effective reduction of failure costs risks and impairment costs for the measures for reduction of all deviations from their ideal value. Each employees personal commitment is to the expected accuracy of our products.

Employees Are Our Most Important Capital

Our employees are our strength. They shape our reputation and our performance. We therefore consider a meaningful staff development as a major contribution to maintaining the company's success and take great care that the environment exerts a positive influence on motivation, satisfaction and performance of our employees.